[Video] Patrick Wolf- "The City"

Chamber pop violinist/singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf has a new video out. The song is called “The City” and it’s off his upcoming album entitled Lupercalia out May of this year.

The video was shot in Santa Monica near the Pier on 16mm film, and features Wolf playing piano, and well, playing with friends on the beach. It reminds me of those beach-inspired videos of the 80’s, but a more updated version of it.  Side note: Not really the eighties, but Patrick has this James Dean inspired look in spots of this video—red shirt, with a white undershirt and jeans. Very Rebel Without A Cause. Then again, that could just be me thinking that.

The song itself is great. A catchy-optimistic-chorus, punchy piano chord, and some saxophone and horns thrown in for good measure. Take a listen below.

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