[Video] Florence + the Machine- “Shake it Out”

In the past few days, I’ve played Ceremonials—the new album from Florence + the Machine—an unhealthy amount of times. Perhaps even more unhealthy is the amount of times that I’ve played “Shake it Out.” You see, as of late I’ve been feeling mentally exhausted. This is, more than likely, caused by the amount of stuff I’ve had on my mind lately; stuff that I won’t sit here and bore you with.

The point is: “Shake it Out” struck a nerve, and in some way, its message makes me feel a little better. In particular, this line in the chorus(?); “…it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off.” Now, in my head, the devil means the amount of stuff/bullshit that I’ve had on my mind lately. Granted, I’m sure, Florence had a different devil in mind. But, because of the aforementioned, it has become my go-to-song for whenever I feel like I need to clear my head, or as Florence says, “shake it out!”

That’s the video for “Shake it Out” above. Ceremonials, Florence + the Machine’s stellar sophomore album, is available tomorrow. Pick it up!