[Video] Nicole Atkins- "You Were The Devil."

One of my biggest regrets [concert-wise] last year was missing Nicole Atkins when she opened up for the Black Keys at the Palladium in Hollywood. I was a fan of her Neptune City album, and was interested in seeing if she was as great live as she was on album. Which from what I heard, she was. Thankfully, she has a new album coming out, and I’ll have another chance to see her live.

Mondo Amore is the name of Nicole’s new album, and it’s out digitally on 1/25 with a physical release set for February (due to a manufacturing defect in the booklets).  Below is a short vignette that Nicole released yesterday that features “You Were the Devil,” a song off Mondo Amore. It’s a great song. More of that “pop-noir” she does so well. Check it out below, and head on over to her site to download the album’s single “Vulture” in exchange for an email.