The Mystery Is Over: Feist Reveals New Album Details.

This past Thursday, Feist—via Twitter—unveiled a mysterious thirty-six second video that, as mentioned, had little going on visually but musically had some drums, and cymbals. In other words, not much to go off on. Today, she unveiled another one. This one, unlike its predecessor, isn’t that mysterious.

Vignette #3 features Feist in the studio with a string section. As speculated, there’s a new album, and it’s finished. It’s called Metals and it’s out this year (10/4) via Cherry Tree/Interscope.

If you want an idea of what Metals is going to sound like, then click on over to SPIN, where they have a description of five tracks—Anti-Pioneer, The Undiscovered First, Woe Be, Cicadas and Gulls, and Comfort Me—that they considered to be “album highlights.”

That’s the third vignette below. Vignette number seven is being revealed next Tuesday (8/2).