[Stream] Young Galaxy- “Pretty Boy”


Ultramarine cover art

In 2011, Montreal five-piece Young Galaxy released, Shapeshifting, one of my favorite records of that year. Which, in all honesty, came as a bit of surprise to me, because I didn’t really care for their two records prior to it. So the announcement of a new album, I have to admit, gave me a hint of anxiety; Was Shapeshifting a flash in the pan? Would they go back to their old sound?

After listening to “Pretty Boy,” the first single—and opening track—off Ultramarine, all that anxiety was laid to rest. The track is a hypnotic dance-pop number that has a hint of New Order in its folds. In short, it’s great. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

Ultramarine, like its predecessor Shapeshifting, was produced by Dan Lissvik. The difference this time around, production-wise, was that Ultramarine was recorded with Lissvik at his studio in Gothenburg. The album is out 4/23 via Paper Bag Records.

Oh, as if this song couldn’t get any better; here’s a cool remix of it done by Purity Ring. As for the remix, you can purchase it digitally on 2/5 via Paper Bag Records