[Stream] The xx Cover Kings of Tomorrow’s “Finally”

The xx

You wouldn’t know it just by looking at me, but back in my mid-teens I was way into Electronica; this was before it was known as “EDM,” and before a lot of these raves, like EDC, were on the massive scale that they are now. I haven’t been to a rave in years—the closest I get nowadays is the Sahara tent a.k.a. the Dance tent at Coachella—but my love for the music hasn’t waned at all. I still visit a lot of my favorite tracks every now and then via my Spotify playlist “Everything Starts With An E[DM].” A title inspired by the Ezee Posse classic, “Everything Starts With An E.” And I still listen to a lot of classic mixes, and albums. Because of this, I was excited to see that the xx had covered the House classic, and a personal favorite, “Finally” by Kings of Tomorrow.

What I gather from this cover is two things: One, this track is great no matter the form. And the other, the xx can really do no wrong at this point. Their albums are solid. Their covers are great and unique in their selection. In short, they’re a really talented lot. Looking forward to seeing them at Coachella again.