[Stream] The Strokes- “Under Cover of Darkness”

The Strokes are set to release Angles, their highly anticipated fourth album, in March of this year. Angles, as mentioned by bassist Nikolai Fraiture in an interview with BBC Radio 1 earlier this year is, “sonically…the album [that] should have been made between [2003’s] ‘Room On Fire’ and [2006’s] ‘First Impressions Of Earth’.”

Which, in all honesty, when I first read that earlier this year I was a little concerned. You see, as far as those two albums go, I liked about five or six songs combined—a majority of them coming from Room on Fire.  So to read that their new album was sonically in-between two albums that I didn’t care too much for, well, sucked.

Then earlier today this happened: The Strokes released “Under Cover of Darkness” the first single off Angles as a free download (for only forty-eight hours) and it’s surprisingly good. I have to admit though, I’m not too crazy about the vocals being lost a bit in the mix, but the guitar sound on this track is so good. Angles is off to a good start.

Check it out below, and if you’re interested, head on over to their site (quickly) and download the single for free.

Angles is out March 21 in the U.K. via Rough Trade, and a day later in the US via RCA.