[Stream] The Strokes- “All The Time”


I’ll just come out and say it, I hated Angles. If memory serves me well, I believe my one sentence First Impression review of it was something along the lines of: “After a five year absence, the Strokes made an album that is even more boring and forgettable than its predecessor.” I was pretty close. Looking at it now, I can’t even begin to tell you what the three songs that I liked off that album sound like. Truth is I haven’t listened to it much or at all since then. I bring this up, because after that debacle, I had given up all hope that the Strokes would return to their Is This It selves.

And then this happened. “All The Time,” the second single revealed from their upcoming album Comedown Machine, sounds good. But, before I (or we) get ahead of ourselves, the same thing happened last time. I liked “Under Cover of Darkness” when they first revealed it, proceeded to be excited about Angles, and ultimately hated the album as a whole. So even though, “All The Time” brings to mind the feel of Is This It, I’ll save my excitement until they reveal more songs or I get it sent my way. Until then, I’ll take it in stride, and hope that this isn’t the odd one out of the record. Fingers crossed.

Comedown Machine is out 3/26 on RCA.