[Stream] The Shins- “Simple Song”

I have to admit, I haven’t listened to a Shins album in a long time. So when I got word that a new Shins song was making the rounds I was…well, a little disinterested. However, I decided to give it a listen and I can’t say that I was blown away. Actually, I can’t say that I was disappointed either. Let me put it this way. I don’t hate it but, I’m not loving it either. Perhaps after several listens it will grow on me. As far as its sound: The song is quite frankly, as the title suggests, a simple song. It’s pretty much what you’d expect—and have gotten—from Mercer; a mid-tempo tune with a catchy chorus.

Point of Morrow is out on 3/20 via Columbia/Aural Apothecary. And is available for pre-order if you’re so inclined to do so.

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