[Stream] Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Live At Amoeba.

Last night, turned out to be a great day at the job. For one, we had an in-store with Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, which was in celebration of the release of their new album, the Beck-produced Mirror Traffic. This was, at least to me, great, because Stephen Malkmus is one of my favorite songwriters.

Despite that favoritism, for some reason or another, I’ve never seen him live—either as a solo artist or with the Jicks. I caught him last year at Coachella as part of the Pavement reunion, but that’s about it. Because of this, I was looking forward to the in-store all day. And, suffice to say, it was worth the wait. Even though, despite its half-hour length, felt like it ended rather quickly.

One of the big—or news worthy—things to happen yesterday, occurred about twenty-minutes into their set. For the past month or so, Malkmus & the Jicks have held an internet contest. The concept of the contest was simple: Help Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks find a replacement word for Blow Job, a word featured in the lyrics of their lead single “Senator.”

This replacement word was needed because, apparently, the FCC—whom are lame—deems the word offensive, so they won’t allow “Senator” to be played over the airwaves. The contest itself was supposed to run until mid-September, but for some reason, Malkmus decided it was ending last night mid-in-store. The word, “corn dog,” as Malkmus explained, was chosen because, “the Minutemen, who also wear short pants when they played, called themselves corn dogs.” Whether or not that’s the actual reason behind the choice is beyond me.

What I do know is that, what happened after the in-store was AWESOME!.

Me and Malkmus

Yep. I got to meet one of my favorite songwriters. And, like I said, it was awesome. Nerdiness aside, you can, for the time being, stream the broadcast of the instore here.

Mirror Traffic is out now via Matador.