[Stream] POP ETC – “Running In Circles”


In 2010, the Morning Benders, released Big Echo; an album that drew upon Beach Boys-esque 60’s pop, and the indie-pop sound of their contemporaries Grizzly Bear. Two years after, the band dropped their name (and sound) and resurfaced as POP ETC. Their self-titled debut (a mixture of R&B and Phoenix-esque indie-pop) was, to say the least, a disappointment.

Because of this, I approached the release of their new song, “Running In Circles” with a bit of apprehension. Suffice to say, once I hit play that feeling left, and was replaced with a desire to tap my feet, and bob my head. “Running In Circles” is a love letter to 80’s new wave, and a good one at that.

Listen to it below.