[Stream] Patrick Wolf- “The City” (The Richard X Remix)

At the tail end of last month, I posted the video for Patrick Wolf’s “The City”—a song off his highly anticipated (at least by me) album, Lupercalia. The song, as I described before, had a “catchy-optimistic-chorus, punchy piano chord, and some saxophone and horns thrown in for good measure.”  In other words, it sounded happy, and really great.

Which made me a little wary-and-concerned when I heard that it was remixed recently. However, it’s safe to say that, after I hit the play button on the track below, any and all mixed feelings I had about it went away.  Richard X did a hell of a job.  He added a synthpop vibe to it and made it into a dance-floor ready jam.

The single—backed with “Sing” on its b-side—sees its release on March 14 (which you can pre-order here as a Limited Edition red 7″ vinyl) but, if you’re so inclined, you can download the remix now by clicking on the arrow in the player below.