[Stream] Lykke Li- “Love Out of Lust”

I know. I know. I’m well aware that Radiohead just dropped their eight studio album a day earlier than scheduled. And yes, I’m also aware that, it’s pretty damn good (I’ve listened to it several times already). But hey, it’s Radiohead. When have those dudes faltered?

I digress though. In all seriousness, my actual intent here was to tell you about another artist whom, judging from the three songs we’ve heard so far, is going to be getting some critic-and-blog love coming her way in a month. That artist, if you haven’t guessed by looking at the photo (or the title) above is Lykke Li, and today she released another song off her upcoming (and highly anticipated by yours truly) album Wounded Rhymes.

The song is called, “Love Out of Lust,” and unlike its predecessors “Get Some” and “I Follow Rivers” this one is a bit understated in its sound—the drums are subdued, and the pace is slower.

I just finished listening to it a few seconds ago, and I have to say, I like it. It’s not my favorite of the three, but it’s definitely no throwaway. I also like the fact that, the three songs we’ve heard so far, have a different sound from one another yet there’s a cohesiveness to them.

Take a listen to it below.

Wounded Rhymes is out 3/1 via Lykke’s own imprint LL Recordings.