[Stream] Julieta Venegas: Tiny Desk Concert

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t listened to a new Julieta Venegas album since her 2003 Grammy winning album(which I still play every now and then). Since then she’s released two full lengths (06’s Limón y Sal and last years Otra Cosa) and one MTV Unplugged (they still do those!?). Of course this lack of new Julieta Venegas music in my life is entirely my fault. A fault that, judging by her recent stop to the NPR offices in D.C. for a Tiny Desk Concert, I’ll have to remedy.

This edition of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert finds Julieta Venegas’ sound in its purest form—Julieta (with clarinet accompaniment) playing the guitar or her signature accordion thus allowing her melancholic songs to speak for themselves. My favorite of the three she played is “Debajo de mi Lengua” (Under my Tongue). A song, as explained by Venegas, is about the “stuff you don’t say to a person you’re getting to know, because you’re afraid [and] insecure.” Testing the boundaries in the early stages of a blossoming relationship and/or friendship per se. It’s a beautiful song.

You can watch and/or listen to it here.