[Stream] CocoRosie- “Gravediggress”


I’m not going to front. The last time I was this captivated with a CocoRosie song it was 2005, and the song was “Noah’s Ark.” This isn’t to say that the trippy indie-folk-tronica duo haven’t put anything out since then, because they have. It’s just that those last two albums, 07’s The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn and 2010’s Grey Ocean, didn’t really do anything for me. This lack of interest in them made me a tad hesitant to hit the play button when I saw this track pop-up on my Soundcloud feed. But, hey, sometimes you have to live dangerously. The end result: I’m glad I did.

“Gravediggress”—off their impending LP Tales Of A Grass Widow—starts off with an accordion, from there a layer of synths hits, and takes the song on its way with Sierra and Bianca’s bewitched vocals in for the ride. It’s hard to tell what an album will sound like as a whole with the sampling of one song, but if this were possible, then it’s safe to say that I’m looking forward to hearing it.

Tales Of A Grass Widow is out 5/28 via City Slang