[Song of the Week] Rihanna- “We Found Love” (Feat. Calvin Harris)

Yesterday, in an effort to generate more traffic/interest (hopefully!) to this site, I started a Tumblr. And today, it saw its first post; Rihanna’s song “We Found Love” (Feat. Calvin Harris). I have to say, I didn’t expect to like a Rihanna song as much as I liked this one. A lot of its appeal, at least to me, lies in the production of DJ/Producer Calvin Harris.

The Electronica number he constructed strikes the perfect balance between Ready For the Club and Ready For Top-40 Radio without sounding completely cheesy or completely overwrought. The other component that works in this song is the interplay between it and Rihanna’s voice. Harris manages to not overpower Rihanna’s voice entirely with the songs beat. Instead it pulsates slightly beneath it allowing Rihanna’s message of love found-and-lost to be loud and clear.

In short, this song is pretty damn catchy. Real Talk!

Talk That Talk is out 11/21, but “We Found Love” is available now, as a single, on iTunes.