[Song of the Week] Porter Robinson- “Language”

Here’s a confession: I tend to be a tad on the obsessive-compulsive side when it comes to a song that I like. In other words, I’ll play the crap out of it. So much so that, if my iPod or Spotify could speak, it would say  “Seriously. You really need to stop listening to this same song over and over again.” The perfect example of this comes in the form of my favorite EDM (if you don’t know, it means Electronic Dance Music) song of the moment. The song is called, “Language” and it’s produced by North Carolina native Porter Robinson.

“Language” is an epic—six minutes and change—Electro House track. The whole track is great. But, the kicker, for me, is the chorus/build-up. It comes in at the half-way point, and it’s so good.

Check it out below, and just try not to play this track more than once. I dare you!

“Language” is available as a single on iTunes.