[MP3] St. Vincent- “Surgeon”

Ah, the power of social media. For the past week, St. Vincent fans have been tweeting #strangemercy in order to unlock a track from the upcoming album of the same name. All that tweeting has paid off.

The track is called “Surgeon,” and it’s endearingly strange. There’s this intricacy to its sound that’s classic St. Vincent. Yet, what makes this different from other St. Vincent tracks is its direction. In the span of four minutes it seems to go everywhere. However, it doesn’t sound like a jumbled mess. It sounds, actually, pretty great. There’s even a sax solo (a distorted one). Which if we’re keeping score brings the total of artists using a sax on their album this year to Five (Bon Iver, Destroyer, Lady Gaga, M83 and St. Vincent).

[MP3] St. Vincent – Surgeon

That’s it above. You can grab it here, or submit your email via her site. Either way, I recommend you get it.

Strange Mercy is out 9/13 via 4AD