[MP3] Rachael Yamagata- “Starlight”

In 2008, Singer/Songwriter Rachael Yamagata, released her sophomore album. The album, entitled Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart was a two CD set; CD one was Elephants, a collection of Carole King-esque Pop, and CD two entitled Teeth Sinking Into Heart had moments of PJ Harvey-esque Rock and Neko Case-esque Country-Rock.

“Starlight,” a song of her impending third album Chesapeake, sounds like the realization of the sound she explored ever-so briefly on Teeth Sinking Into Heart. When I listen to it, I get PJ Harvey doing a Bluesy torch song kind of vibe. I’m digging it. I hope that, like Nicole Atkins, Rachael has come to the realization that that sort of sound suits her more than well. At least I think so. I’m looking forward to hearing what else Chesapeake has to offer.

[MP3] Rachael Yamagata- “Starlight”

Chesapeake is out 10/11 via Frankenfish.