[MP3] Lou Canon- “Heart Of”

I have to admit, up until now, I didn’t know much about Toronto musician Lou Canon. From what I’ve gathered, she’s a teacher by day, and a singer/songwriter by night whose set to release her self-titled debut May 10, via Hardwood Records/Universal Music Canada.

A debut, mind you, that she recorded at Skyscraper National Park—home studio of fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden whom in 2004, released the stunning Elk-Lake Serenade. A favorite of mine.

The Hayden produced album features nine original songs, and a cover of The Cure’s “Close To Me.”  One of the album originals is called, “Heart Of” and it features Canon’s breathy vocals over subtle folky-indie-pop. It’s great.  Grab it, or take a listen to it below.

[MP3Lou Canon- Heart Of