[MP3] Girls Guns and Glory- “Maryanne”

[MP3] Girls Guns Glory-MaryAnne

I’ve probably said this numerous times before, but I love that feeling you get when you find a song or album that you immediately love. There’s that sense of elatedness you get when you listen to it. Which is then followed by an overwhelming urge to play said song or album over and over again. I bring this up, because it hit me a few days ago when I first heard “Maryanne” a song off Girls Guns and Glory‘s new album, Sweet Nothings.

The song itself is a solid piece of Alt-Country/Americana—a sound that I’ve been fond of ever since I first heard bands like Whiskeytown, Freakwater, or Uncle Tupelo (to name a few) several years ago. I haven’t heard the rest of the album, but if it’s anything like this song, there’s a good chance that I’ll be playing it over and over as well. Who knows, maybe even you will as well.

Sweet Nothings is out 8/30/11