[MP3] Drake- “Headlines”

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to give Drake’s album Thank Me Later a listen last year. This, truth be told, boiled down to one reason; Degrassi: The Next Generation. I’ve never seen the show, but I was well aware that Drake played a character named Jimmy Brooks on it, so this, to some extent, provided me with the mentality of “great, another actor trying to sing or rap.” Which history has taught us isn’t always the greatest thing (See: Dogstar, Wicked Wisdom, etc.)

Yet, when I finally put all that aside, I was pleasantly surprised. It was, actually, good. A sentiment that, if new song “Headlines” is any gauge, I’ll probably be saying about his upcoming album Take Care as well. Which, according to an interview with MuchMusic, will feature legendary Soul artist Stevie Wonder.

“Stevie Wonder is a very close friend of mine. I’m honored to call him a friend, someone who embraced me very early in this music business,” he said. “…Stevie Wonder is actually on ‘Take Care.’”

[MP3] Drake – Headlines

If you ask me, that’s crazy. And an honor. Stevie Wonder doesn’t collaborate with just anyone (well, unless you’re a Huxtable) but that’s a whole different story.

Take Care is out October 24