[MP3] Britney Spears- “Til The World Ends (Korallreven Version)”

I, unlike some of my fellow music-bloggers, enjoy remixes. I really do. What I like about them is that, someone else—another musician, or producer—liked something in a song so much that they decided to do their own version of it. Sometimes reworking it entirely, sometimes ever-so-slightly.

In the case of Sweden-based Balearic popsters Korallreven’s remix of Britney Spears “Til The World Ends” the latter is more fitting. The original structure is still there, yet, gone is the in-your-face dance club vibe of the original. Instead, in its place, is a drum driven sound complete with subtle and refreshing synths. It’s like Night and Day.

[MP3] Britney Spears- Til The World Ends (Korallreven Version)

Korallreven’s Mixtape A Dream Within A Dream—which opens with this remix—is out soon.