[MP3] Benoît Pioulard- “Peng! 33 (Benoît Pioulard Version)”

I should’ve probably changed the title of this post to Benoît Pioulard- “Peng! 33 (A cover of the Iron & Wine cover of the original by Stereolab)” because hey, according to Pioulard’s Soundcloud, that’s what apparently it is. Semantics aside, Pioulard continues to amaze me. Last month, out of the blue, he upped “Malick” a gorgeous instrumental track that he made for someone named Terry.

This time, it’s the aforementioned, “Peng! 33” a cover of the Iron & Wine cover of the Stereolab original. Which he recorded, yesterday, in his home for someone named Nico. I could tell you how stunning the cover is, but I’d rather just let the music speak for itself.

[MP3] Peng ! 33 [Benoît Pioulard Version]

Damn this dude is good.