Feist Posts A Mysterious Vignet

Earlier today, Leslie Feist, posted a YouTube link on her Twitter account with the words, “a glimpse to come…more soon.” What makes this interesting or “news-worthy” is the video itself. Granted, there’s not much going on visual wise (the night sky, hills, a double-exposure of a tree and what appears to be the inside of a house or art gallery). Musically, there’s a little more to it—a gentle intro that makes way for some drumming and cymbal crashes.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of this all is that, on her site, it’s accompanied by eleven other video icons. One of which is tagged with the date: 7/25/11. Could this and the eleven other videos be a teaser of a new album in the works, or perhaps a finished one ready for release? I’m not entirely sure about the answer to that. And I doubt anyone else—besides Feist—will know. What I am sure about however, is that come Monday I’ll be checking out her site to see what’s next.

Here’s the video.