Degeneration Street: A Street I Don’t Want To Go Down

There comes a time, in the realm of music-fandom, when you just have to call it quits with a band and their music. For me and Montreal’s the Dears, that time has come. After their stellar 04′ album No Cities Left, the band has, more or less, disappointed me with every subsequent release; 06’s Gang of Losers, 08’s Missiles, and this years’ Degeneration Street.

My biggest gripe with Degeneration Street is its songs. Not their length, or lyrics, or titles. It’s how over the top they are. With the exception of one or two, these songs are so overwrought. So much so that, at times, I feel like they’re borderline cartoonish in nature. When in fact, the reality is, they’re just plain terrible.

Of course, what makes this run of disappointing albums all the more saddening is that, every now and then, the Dears are capable of writing a solid and catchy song. In Degeneration Street‘s case, it’s “Yesteryear.” A lively pop song with an undeniably catchy melody. Yet, as I mentioned, in the past seven years, these solid and catchy songs have come, well, only every now and then. And, not for an entire album as was the case in 04’ with No Cities Left.

So, with all that said, there’s nothing to left to say, but that’s it; I’m sorry, the Dears, but I’m done waiting. This is over.