Coachella 2011: Day Three Roundup

Well, I survived it again. For the third year in a row I made it through this, at-times, grueling festival. As with anything, there was a lot of good and bad.  If you’re interested, here’s a rundown of what I thought was good and bad throughout it, day-by-day. Here’s day three.

Good: Finally making it to the grounds on time (well, kind-of). Even though, I got there earlier than the past two days, I still missed a few bands (Menomena, Twin Shadow, and Phosphorescent) I wanted to see. I mean, come on, Phosphorescent at 12:15?! Way too early.

Bad: Getting there early.  This meant more time in the sun, which is, to me, no fun.

Good: Fun. Speaking of fun., I finally had the opportunity to see them. While I was bummed to see the Format go, I was relieved that Nate Ruess continued on making cheerful indie-pop with his new band Fun. Their set was great. Especially those two new songs he played.

Good: Death From Above 1979. I’ve been waiting for this one for years. They did not disappoint.

Good: Trentemøller: One of the biggest surprises of the weekend, came in the form of DJ/electronic-producer Trentemøller’s set. I was taken aback by the fact that, he had a full band on stage with him. And it sounded awesome. Sunday’s Dance Party belonged to Trentemøller in the Mojave tent.

Bad: Julian Casablancas. This one was a hard one. I couldn’t give it to the Strokes, because the guys in the back played solid. But, Julian. Geez. It felt, at least to me, like he didn’t want to be there. His delivery seemed disingenuous and half-assed. I’ve seen him do better than that. Then again that was almost 7 years ago.

Good: PJ Harvey. There’s no better way to see a band/artist at Coachella then to see them play right before the nights closer. Case in point: PJ Harvey. While, seemingly, everyone was at the Coachella Stage waiting for Kanye, a handful of us, were at the Outdoor Theatre lying on the grass watching PJ Harvey turn in a solid and beautiful performance.

Good: The addition of Shuttle Service. This was a phenomenal idea. It helped avoid the hassle of spending two hours in the parking lots at night trying to get out.

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