The first day of the New Year and the Music Festival Season is already visible on the horizon. Goldenvoice‘s Arroyo Seco Weekend, which saw its debut last year, has announced its dates for this year’s edition. The two-day fest which takes place in Brookside at the Rose Bowl will take place on June 23 and 24. Passes for the fest, and the actual line-up will more than likely pop up a couple of weeks after Goldenvoice reveals the line-up for that other fest of theirs in the coming days. You know which one. Yep. That one.


Last night, Rage Against the Machine—who last played together in 2011– launched a new website,, with a countdown leading to June 1. Visitors upon entering their email address receive an image that reads “Clear the way for the prophets of rage,” a lyric from the Public Enemy song “Prophets of Rage.”

The image features the hashtag “TakeThePowerBack,” which is the title of a Rage Against the Machine song. Whatever this ends up being is pure speculation at this point. Reunion? New album? Shows? The timing of it, though, could not be more perfect given that we’re in the middle of a volatile and hotly contested presidential election.

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Beth Orton

Beth Orton is back with a new album. It’s called Kidsticks, and will be out May 27 via Anti-. The album was co-produced by Orton and Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons, with mixing being handled by David Wrench. Below is, “Moon,” the lead-single off the album.

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