Artist Spotlight: Guitaro

The story behind Canadian shoegaze/space-disco trio Guitaro is one of second-chances. Formed in 1997, the trio comprised of Mark Wiebe, Jeremy Unrau and Heather Warkentin, released a few works (Futura Black [2002], and Rainbow Brain [2004]) before, ultimately, calling it a day.

After a six-year hiatus, the trio are set to release (physically) their comeback album, JJ’s Crystal Palace on 3/1 via Helpcomputer Records. And what a comeback it is. JJ’s Crystal Palace is a ten-song journey through shoegaze, ambient-pop, and dream-pop á la M83 and School of Seven Bells.

In fact, if at the end of this year, I were to include a Comeback Album of the Year category in my year-end-list JJ’s Crystal Palace would be it (or a definite contender for it).

Check out “Blastok”—one of my favorite tracks off the album—below and the rest of it here.

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