All of the Lights.

Earlier today, when checking my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from Pop & Hiss (the Los Angeles Times Music Blog) that said, “Kanye West as deal-breaker? The polarizing rapper generates a Coachella revolt.”

Curious to see how he was generating a “Coachella revolt” I clicked on the link.  Now, apparently, said revolt is from people forgoing this years Coachella, entirely, for the simple fact that Kanye will not only be there but be performing as well. This in itself is completely ludicrous to me.  And here’s why:  I think it’s crazy that anyone will let a performer/or bands presence prevent them from attending a music festival that, judging by their comments, they’ve attended for years.

You see, this year is going to be my third year attending the Music and Arts Festival, and to be honest, even if they were to add Ke$ha as a headliner tomorrow (which will happen when hell freezes over) I’d still attend it.  For one, because there’s no refunds. But, mostly, because who cares if she’s there, just as long as there are performers/bands that I want to see—which there always is.

What I mean by this is that, let’s say, hypothetically, she were headlining Sunday night (the last night of the fest) and I had no desire to see her, this is what I’d do….I’D LEAVE.  I mean, how hard is that?  I’ve just spent close to three days trying to see every band I want, the last thing I’m going to do is stay if I know there’s no one else I want to see and all that’s left is Ke$ha. Makes sense right?

At least that’s what any rational person would do.  Or so you would think.